Best Vodka Mixers

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Best Vodka Mixers

Everyone who knows and understands vodka appreciates a fantastic vodka cocktail recipe. There is just something about blending this potent spirit with citrus flavors or even mint that’s so appealing. With all the different brands of vodka on the market you’re guaranteed to find that one outstanding taste that you’ll want to expand on with a few different mixers. So, what’s a good mix with vodka?

Considering all the different kinds of vodkas, you will find a few that you should avoid and a few you need to consume on a daily basis. While Greyhound punch was originally created with gin there are other excellent mule mixes that match well with this potent brand. Utilize mule blended with orange juice from the mixing glass and serve with crackers. A mule with a few mint or lemon also makes a fantastic accompaniment to a Manhattan.

Lemon is another ingredient that produces a great vodka mixer. This juice has a distinct lemon flavor and can be used as a marinade or on its own. Ginger and cardamom are also great additions to a seltzer. A good suggestion for those who are not overly tall complex is to include a couple drops of brandy into their water to dilute it. This will provide a seltzer an advantage that can cut through the creaminess of the juice.

If you would like to drink out of a shot glass then a Martini actually is the right mixer for you. A Martini is a drink that’s always enjoyable and one that is not difficult to make. If you’re feeling adventurous then try mixing it with tomato juice or lemonade. These developments will provide your drink the additional flavor that you need.

The citrus flavor of this lemonade is a great addition to the vodka mixers. When utilizing a lemonade glass always utilize a seltzer to be certain that it remains chilled. Furthermore, if you pick a lemonade drink try and find one that does not use salt. Salt will take away from the beverage and can make it look stale. Remember that a Martini is intended to be refreshing and light thus do not make it heavier than it needs to be.

While a Martini can be served in a glass, it’s more common to function it in a blender. If you want a smoother consistency you may pour it into a glass and then stir in the components. If you’d like a thinner consistency then pour it into a blender. It is also possible to substitute the lemonade for some other juicesfruits, and smoothies. Whatever you choose to do with your Vodka mixes make certain that you have fun mixing them and enjoying them.

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