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Different Vodka Manufacturers From Around the World


Founded in late 1920’s, Polmos is considered as one of the leading vodka producers in Poland. The name “Polmos” is an acronym for Polski, Monopol, Spirytusowy, and Polish Spirit Monopoly. Dating back to the middle 20th century, Polmos was a Polish state-owned distillery which dominated the polish market of spirits and other alcohol drinks.

But now, Polmos is being privatized and divided onto several independent companies. Polmos offers many brands of vodka products such as Froctic Voka, Adler Vodka, Orla, Zytnia, Zloty Klos and much more. Try some in these great vodka recipes!


Earned the designation of the International Fastest Growing Alcohol Brand by the International Millionaires Club, Nemiroff is a famous Ukrainian vodka company which had grown its business at the phenomenally growing rates of over 40% per year in 2003 and 2004.

Founded in 1992, this vodka manufacturer exports its premium products to over 50 countries around the word. And from the article in Impact Magazine and the data of IWSR Drinks Records at the end of 2006, Nemiroff is listed as the second largest vodka producer in the world by sales.


Known as the largest vodka producer of the world, Smirnoff is the pride and dignity of all of the Russian people. Founded by Piotr Smirnov in Moscow in the 1860s, now the company is inherited by his successor, Vladimir Smirnov.

Each year, Smirnoff produces more than 4 million bottles of vodka and distributes its excellent products to 130 countries around the globe. That’s why Smirnoff was earned both “the best selling vodka” and “the best selling high-priced distilled spirit” in the world on March 2006.

Van Gogh Vodka

Another best vodka manufacturer in Europe, Van Gogh Vodka is the famous Dutch vodka company which produces super premium vodka and distributes its products throughout the planet.

Van Gogh Vodka Company was established in January, 2000. Its products are handcrafted at the Royal Dirkzwager Distillery in Schiedam,

Holland. Recognized by its vodka’s various tastes, Van Gogh Vodka offers a wide range of vodka’s flavors more than any other premium brand world wide, which 19 flavors are available.

Vodka Perfect

Known as the biggest vodka manufacturer in Israel, Vodka Perfect offers premium quality vodka which is made out of pure alcohol and distilled with fresh Galilee spring water according to an old family recipe originating in Russia.

Its products are distributed worldwide throughout Europe, USA, Asia, UK and Australia. All of vodka products are produced from 3 plants including 2 in Europe and 1 in the Middle East. And each plant is able to produce million of bottles each year.

Minsk Kristall

Established in 1893, Minsk Kristall is a Belarusian distillery which is recognized as one of the oldest vodka producers in the former USSR.

Although situated in Belarus, the country of a population just around 10 million, but Belarus is the fifth largest consumer of vodka in the world with annual consumption of over 14.5 million cases, and most of vodka which is sold in the country is produced by Minsk Kristall.

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